Christian Union Church New England
    Christian Union Church New England      

Rev Joannes Leatham

Senior Pastor

About Us

Christian Union church New England are member churches of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union with internationalheadquarters at Circleville Ohio. Our primary goal is to help people get connected to Jesus Christ. our desire is to communicate the gospel clearly, with His word and by holy living; maintain dynamic worship in an atmosphere of warm fellowship. We are committed to Christ centered ministries for all ages, while doing everything in our power to fullfil the great commission what ever the cost. Christian union New England when the first church (First Christian Union Church of Boston) was planted in 1996 by Rev. Joannes Leatham and his wife Veronica. Since then, we have planted another church in the city of Lowell, MA; and a Cape Verdean ministry in the Boston area.
Our hearts desire is to be faithful to the word of God, while being involved in the life of the community where we are. We want you to know that we are here for you!





The Mission and purpose of Christian Union New England is to:

"Reach Every Available Person to connect them to Jesus Christ"


                        OUR VISION STATEMENT 


The vision Christian Union Church New England is to:


·   Communicate the gospel clearly

    Develop and maintain dynamic worship

  • Cultivate and maintain an atmosphere of warm fellowship               
  • Create an environment for personal development and growth 
  • Commit to Christ centered ministries for all ages
  • Continue to be involved in the program of bringing people to Jesus whatever the cost.



Service Schedule





Worship Service             11:30 AM



Prayer on Prayer line      7:00 PM

Call 712-432-1500 Access # 856602#



Prayer & Bible Study      7:00 PM



Prayer Meeting               9:30 AM





Sunday school                  9:30 AM

Worship Service            10:00 AM



Prayer & Bible Study      6:00 PM